Planning is underway for 2018 Treatment Season

Aquatechnex biologists have met with ISDA Staff to discuss potential treatment options for lakes in the region.  ISDA staff will be conducting surveys to finalize treatment programs and we will moving at their direction to start providing public notification and scheduling of treatments.  Check back in the next few weeks for updates.

New Cocolalla Lake Treatment Date September 12, 2017

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating Eurasian Milfoil in the south end of Cocolalla Lake on September 12th, 2017.  The application will be made about 9:30 am and any properties affected by water use restrictions will be posted the previous day.

A treatment map can be viewed at this link, Treatment Map

Questions can be addressed to Aquatechnex at 360-527-1271 or  They can also be addressed to Nic Zurfluh with Idaho Department of Agriculture at 208-631-9574

Cocolalla Update

The treatment scheduled for today was cancelled, we believe it will be rescheduled shortly.  We are waiting at ISDA’s request for a meeting and their schedule has not been communicated to us at this point.

If there are any questions you may email

Cocolalla Lake Treatment Scheduled for Tuesday this coming week

A portion of Cocolalla Lake will be treated with Diquat for Eurasian Milfoil Control this coming Tuesday.  There is a 24 hour precaution for swimming within the treatment area, a three day restriction from drawing water for potable use or irrigation.  This treatment will not impact the majority of landowners on the lake, it is primarily focused on the southern portion.  Signs will be posted the day prior to treatment on the docks or your shoreline if you are in the treatment area.  You can also look at this map Treatment Map Link to view the location in relationship to your property.  You can also call 360-201-2612 to ask questions of our team.  The Idaho State Department of Agriculture staff contact is Nic Zurfluh at 208-631-9574.

Hayden Lake Update

We will be treating approximately 2 acres at Gem Cove/Hayden Haven this coming Monday July 31st to assist with the sampling schedule for the Water District there.  The balance of the treatment zones on the map will be posted on Tuesday August 1 and treated Wednesday August 2nd weather permitting.  Gem Cove/Hayden Haven map is shown here. gem cover

Cocolalla Lake Public Notices to be Delivered this week

Aquatechnex biologists will be delivering the required public notices two weeks prior to the planned aquatic herbicide treatment for Eurasian Milfoil is performed.  The proposed treatment map is available at the link below.  The blue areas are suggested for treatment, the green buffer area shows where the shoreline notices need to be delivered.

Aquatechnex and ISDA Scientists will be reviewing these treatment zones the week of July 31st and scheduled treatment is the week of August 7th.  This site will be updated that week to explain exact dates and procedures.

Proposed Treatment Map

Hayden Lake Notices Delivered this week

In anticipation of the coming treatment of Hayden Lake the week of July 31st, Aquatechnex biologists posted notices on each property within the treatment zone at the lake and along the shoreline for an additional quarter mile in each direction.  We will also be posting signs the day prior to treatment and that is anticipated to be the middle of the week of the 31st.

We will be posting the exact date early that week when we know weather conditions.  A treatment map link is posted in the article just below if your interested in viewing the areas that will be affected.