Hayden Lake Notices Delivered this week

In anticipation of the coming treatment of Hayden Lake the week of July 31st, Aquatechnex biologists posted notices on each property within the treatment zone at the lake and along the shoreline for an additional quarter mile in each direction.  We will also be posting signs the day prior to treatment and that is anticipated to be the middle of the week of the 31st.

We will be posting the exact date early that week when we know weather conditions.  A treatment map link is posted in the article just below if your interested in viewing the areas that will be affected.

Hayden Lake is first up this year.

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating Hayden Lake targeting Eurasian and hybrid Milfoils at the direction of ISDA scientists.  The first treatment will occur the week of July 31st, additional details will be posted here as the date approaches.

The product to be used will be Diquat, a fast acting contact herbicide.  Those located adjacent to the treatment zones will be notified by mail this week.  That notice will include the treatment dates and any water use restrictions.

The proposed treatment map can be viewed at this link.  You can place your address in the top corner box and zoom to your location to determine if you are affected by this application.  ISDA scientists may add additional treatment zones based on their ongoing survey efforts.

Treatment map link.  Treatment Map Link

Aquatechnex Successful Respondent to Idaho Department of Agriculture Request for Proposal for Statewide Aquatic Applicator

Aquatechnex, LLC is pleased to be working with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture to manage Eurasian Milfoil and other noxious aquatic weeds in Idaho’s Lakes and River Systems.  These invasive aquatic weeds pose a threat to a number of beneficial uses of these waters.  They also alter habitat and water quality parameters important to support aquatic life.

Our work will be at the direction of the ISDA Scientists.  We will be using this web site to post additional information on upcoming aspects of the treatment program.  We will also be posting interactive maps that will allow you to understand where treatment work will occur in relationship to your property.

Looking forward to getting started.